¡Vamos, Brandon! Poll shows only 32% of Hispanics approve of Joe Biden


Jhe new Quinnipiac poll finds a staggering 54% of Hispanic voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance. Only 32% approve!

Forty-three percent of registered Latino voters “strongly” disapprove of Biden’s job performance. If you take a moment to study the numbers, you’ll notice that white people give Biden a higher approval rating (33%) — although they also disapprove of him in greater numbers (60%).

It’s also worth noting that the two groups have nearly identical views of Biden’s performance on the economy: Whites disapprove by a 31-point margin (32%-63%) and Hispanics by a 27-point margin ( 29% – 56%). They agree Biden hasn’t been a strong leader in Ukraine — Whites by 20 points, Hispanics by eight points.

For decades, Republicans have talked about making gains with or even winning the Hispanic vote. It was often jokingly said to be Karl Rove’s Great White Whale. But maybe he had the wrong strategy and the wrong presidential candidate.

Also important: maybe the Democrats didn’t lose their minds enough in 2004 for the breakthrough that’s about to happen now that they’ve lost it so much. Yes, Biden is doing poorly on the economy, immigration and foreign policy. But what will cause real realignment is the Democrats’ obsession with racializing every issue and indoctrinating children into a fringe gender ideology.

There will be some hot Congressional races in South Texas this fall. This may be the year of the breakthrough.


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