TikTok shows passenger clashing with flight attendant before being kicked off plane


Posted: 2022-10-22T18:47:04

Updated: 2022-10-22T18:47:04

A Qantas passenger has been kicked off his flight after being filmed on a flight attendant in a viral TikTok clip.

The man was seen having a tense interaction with a flight attendant as he claimed cabin crew were rude to his wife and children.

The heated argument, which was filmed by another passenger and shared on TikTok, took place on board a Qantas flight from Denpasar to Sydney on October 20.

In the viral video with 3.3 million views, the man claimed there was an altercation between cabin crew and his wife and children which apparently left his wife in tears.

“They were rude and it’s f**king disgusting,” he said. “They made her cry and she is crying because they were rude to her with a newborn baby. Tell them to come and apologize right away.

Passenger clashes with flight attendant in viral TikTok

The situation escalated when the flight attendant approached the angry passenger to inform him that he was being removed from the flight.

“Bring the police here, bring them here…I’m going to wait here all night,” he replied. “Unless you take my children out, force them out, we won’t leave.”

The stewardess then told the man not to be rude to his crew saying, “Unfortunately sir, you were insulting my crew. You can’t disturb my crew.

“You get mad at my wife because the two [my kids] are double teething,” he says before shouting, “You can’t upset my family and my kids. What are you talking about, ‘you can’t disturb my crew’. My wife is crying.

The passenger then tells the crew to “get out of my face” before walking away.

Qantas confirms passengers have been removed from flight

In a statement to news.com.au, a Qantas spokesperson confirmed that the passenger, his wife and young children were removed from the flight after ‘repeatedly abusing our crew’ prior to departure.

According to the airline’s procedure, incidents involving abusive or inappropriate behavior are referred to a panel which will decide what action to take, which could include a travel ban.

“The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any type of abusive behavior,” the spokesperson said.

“We ask customers to follow the instructions of the crew for the safety and comfort of all on board.”


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