This Whale Earns $8.2 Million in Chainlink as LINK Sees an 8% Increase

Youri Molchan

Ethereum Major Whale Acquired Over $8.2M From Chainlink, $11.6M From WBTC

The whale ranked 30th on the WhaleStats scale bought 485,000 LINK while the coin recorded a rise of almost 8%.

In the meantime, the amount of SHIB held by the top 100 ETH whales remains at 1.3 billion USD.

LINK_8% increase
Image via CoinMarketCap

Whale adds 485K LINK to its holdings

WhaleStats reported that just over four hours ago, an Ethereum blockchain token investor ranked 30th by the aforementioned crypto data service bought a big chunk of Chainlink: 485,000 tokens.

This sum in crypto is worth $8,245,000.

A detailed look at this investor’s portfolio—0x530e0a6993ea99ffc96615af43f327225a5fe536– shows that this whale owns ETH, FTX, Luis Vuitton, SRM and other cryptocurrencies.

The total value of ERC-20 tokens held by this investor is $974,396,996.

Whale buys $11.6 million in WBTC

Wrapped Bitcoin is also part of this wallet. The whales hold $283,987,677. Earlier today, a 979th-ranked whale made two trades to grab a total of 260 WBTC worth $11,639,940, according to the crypto tracker.

Bitcon wrapped on the BNB chain comprises 2.97% of the whales’ combined wallets.

$1.3 billion in SHIB held by top ETH whales

According to the WhaleStats website, the largest Ethereum whales now hold a total of $1,318,204,800 in SHIB. This amounts to 53,462,253,815,423 coins even with a market capitalization second only to Dogecoin.

This amount of SHIB constitutes 13.79% of the whales’ digital asset portfolio. SHIB comes second after FTX Token, whose whales own 37,064,052 worth $1,852,930,021.


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