This Beachfront Home For Sale In British Columbia Costs So Much Less Than The Average Vancouver Condo


This beachfront home on an island in British Columbia actually costs less than a quarter of the price of an average condo in Vancouver.

Ditch the city life and buy a small repairman on a small island in British Columbia instead.

The beachfront home is located in Hunts Inlet on Porcher Island and is on sale for just $189,000 – far less than the cost of a condo in Vancouver, which averages around $755,000.

Imagine setting up this tiny home as your dream lot with the ocean in your front yard. You may even be lucky enough to see humpback whales pass by on certain days!

House by the sea.LandQuest

The house comes with 6.26 acres of land, so you could even have space to start your own vegetable garden if you wish.

Plus, if you like fishing, you can practically do it right from your backyard on a daily basis. This home is basically a fisherman’s dream come true.

House by the sea.House by the sea.LandQuest

It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a basement and large windows to contemplate enchanting ocean views. There’s also a workshop and power plant tucked away in the back yard, next to a lush forest.

Although it doesn’t look like a house you might find in a magazine, for the price and the work that could go into it, you could probably make it your dream home.

House by the sea.House by the sea.LandQuest

The island is only accessible by seaplane or boat and is 20 kilometers by boat from Port Edward. So if you already have a boat or seaplane, this might make your life a little easier.

House by the sea

House by the sea.

House by the sea.


Price: $189,000

Address: Hunts Inlet, Porcher Island



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