The Boys season 4 is now a supernatural reunion as Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast


After spending a few years hunting monsters and demons with his sons on “Supernatural,” Morgan left the CW series and soon found himself running from troublesome zombies on “The Walking Dead.” He’s now set to reprise the role of Negan alongside Laura Cohen as Maggie in “The Walking Dead: Dead City.” This, along with recent roles in “Fall” and “The Integrity of Joseph Chamber,” might be why previous lineups didn’t work out.

Kripke has been trying to get Morgan on the show since January 2020, when Season 3 was still in the works. And Morgan was interested! As a self-proclaimed fan of the show, he made it clear he wanted to be in on all the whale blasts and 11ft penises, tweeting, “I’ll go play with this gang anytime.” Kripke replied “I’m going to make you a deal. Season 3. I’m going to write it, and if you’re available, come shoot it!” Morgana’s answer? “In a heartbeat.”


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