Spectacular underwater video shows diver surrounded by 50 killer whales


The video was taken in Skjervoy, in northern Norway.

A spectacular underwater video shared on YouTube shows a diver surrounded by around 50 orcas in Norway. It was shot by naturalist photographer Didier Noirot.

The video was taken in Skjervoy, northern Norway, and was posted on Mr. Noirot’s YouTube channel, Subimagery Productions Sarl. The caption read: “After a 4000 km road trip from France to Norway, Didier Noirot meets friends in Skjervoy. From there they begin a sailing trip through the fjords in search of orcas and whales feeding on herring.”

Watch the video below:

Talk to Newsweek, Mr Noirot informed that the video was taken in November when large numbers of orcas invaded the fjords to take advantage of the herring that escaped from the fishing nets. He added that he undertook several long journeys to capture the images.

“I left France in a van, towing my rib to Skjervoy in northern Norway, where the action is. It’s an 8,000 kilometer round trip from where I lives in France… Six days of one-way trip… Once in Skjervoy, I rented a 46-foot sailboat… and sailed in search of orcas in the fjords. help, I asked three friends to join me on the trip,” he told the outlet.

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In the video, you can see the dorsal fins of killer whales emerging from the water. Fishermen can also be seen in the background as killer whales begin to swarm around the fishing nets. Other species of whales such as humpback whales can also be spotted joining in the feast.

Additionally, the footage, taken underwater, then shows dozens of killer whales swimming through the depths and catching the escaped fish in their mouths. Mr Noirot said that despite the huge amount of orcas swimming in the area, there is “no special preparation” needed for these kinds of dives. He said Newsweek that “the water is not extremely cold (+42.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and that killer whales are not dangerous to divers, or to any humans”.

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Also in the footage, the killer whale appears oblivious to Mr. Noirot’s presence. There have also been no recorded cases of a wild orca injuring a human. According to the outlet, the only known injuries and fatalities are related to the orca in captivity.

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