Reddit’s 2021 recap shows data on its most interactive conversations and top social media / Digital Information World posts


Reddit is one of the most popular and interactive social chat platforms on the internet. The social network has a lot of people commenting and reading it every day and every month. The company recently revealed some of their stats that show us how well the website is growing year after year in terms of growth and engagement.

The website launched a report on data regarding its live broadcasts, AMA reports and best posts of the year 2021 and safe there have been massive upgrades since last time around.

To start with its overall growth, the community now has over 52 million daily active users who interact avidly in approximately 100,000 Reddit sub-communities. The discussions and communities within Reddit show the variety of topics the website has for discussions and why people are so enthusiastic about it.

Static data showed Reddit’s total number of posts increased by around 19% and now stands at 366 million, comments jumped to 2.3 billion after seeing an increase of around 12% while the positive vote has seen an increase of 1% compared to its last Comparison.

However, some statistics and data revealed by Reddit may not be suitable for some people. This is because Reddit displays a different version of the data each time. For example, once it shows the daily activity of its users and in the next report, they will summarize the monthly number of active users. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to compare whether the growth is as massive as the business makes it appear or if it is just a mind game.

Other than that, the Reddit posts that generated the most pull were the r / wallstreetbets. It was basically a war on the stock market where investors ended up buying Game Stop stock in order to punish a few people who were looking to sell the stock short.

Next, the most enjoyed and interactive conversation on the app was that of a lobster diver who survived an encounter with a swallowed whale. According to reports, the diver was swallowed by a whale, however survived and was expelled. Obviously, people are interested in conversations and events that are so rare and want to know the experiences or thoughts of the person who has encountered them.

After that conversation, a chat with Bill Gates on the website sparked some big questions for the billionaire.

Reddit is for sure a great place to have general conversations about fun and positive topics or debates. The tech company is doing well in terms of growth and we are sure it will see massive success in the future as well.

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