uses blockchain technology to revolutionize influencer marketing


Promodex is a blockchain-based platform, the premier ‘programmatic promotion marketplace’ platform that seamlessly connects activists with influencers, bounty hunters and digital publishers. After careful planning and market analysis, Promodex has launched the funding stages of its groundbreaking programmatic influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing: therefore manual, mega-centric, non-analytical

Today, everyone is on social networks and some profiles called influencers are leading the crowd. According to statistics, influencer marketing volume was $ 9.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $ 13.8 billion by the end of 2021. Almost 50% significant increase since it has become one of the most effective marketing techniques. But it’s a very manual process, focused on mega-influencers and not analytical.

According to statistics, the more followers there are on social networks, the less engagement there is. This means that 20 average influencers with 1 million total subscribers are much more effective than a mega influencer with 1 million subscribers. So why are activists working with mega? Because all the processes are manual and there is no programming method. What if we presented the solution?

Influencer Marketing 2.0: Programmatic and Decentralized

Promodex is a blockchain-based promotional marketplace aimed at scheduling social media campaign with influencers. Any brand, project, or business can launch a Promodex platform campaign, and they will lock the PROMO platform utility token or any other token as a reward. They will filter the language, social media platform, influencer category and quality score, then the corresponding influencers will participate and automatically receive their rewards in their portfolio. Rewards are algorithmically calculated based on a quality score with no follower engagement level.

For activists to easily find and work with multiple influencers transparently programmatically and for influencers, especially mid-sized ones, to meet activists and monetize their promotional potential.

Promodex utility token: PROMO

Promodex launches $ PROMO as a utility token. The $ PROMO token enables interaction and facilitates transactions for services on the platform. It grants various benefits to activists and participants.

Recently, Promodex tokenomics was revised to reduce token sales by reducing the seed fund, although the project received $ 1.2 million of the total demand. In addition, the vesting period for the allocation of large investors has been extended. Therefore, the revision is expected to create a dry supply of PROMO tokens in the market, which will positively affect the price.

According to Promodex tokenomics;

  • At TGE, only 1.60% of all tokens are released
  • In 6 months, only 4.95% of all tokens are released
  • In 1 year, only 9.05% of all tokens are released
  • In 2. year only 16.05% of all tokens are released
  • In 5 years, only 34.95% of all tokens are released
  • By 10th year, almost 50% of all tokens are released

Promodex implements an “anti-whale policy” for the allocation of tokens

  • The period for acquiring the tokens of major investors is extended to 1 year,
  • The large investor’s token will be delivered in 2.,5 years gradually

Promodex only sells 648K of tokens which will be published in the first year,

  • 25% of these tokens are allocated only to influencers,
  • 58% of these tokens are allocated to the public,
  • Promodex halves seed fund token sale from 216K to 108K

Promodex locks its own team allocated tokens, staking rewards, liquidity, marketing, reservation and phased release and completed in 25 years

  • At TGE, only 1.17% of these tokens are released
  • The rest of all tokens are fully locked for 3-7 months, then gradually released
  • Team tokens are locked for 7 months then 5% of tokens are released every 3 months and completed in 5 years

With influencers at the heart of Promodex’s business model, Promodex has started to connect with influencers around the world with the “Associate Influencer” program. As Promodex acquires an influencer base with this program, influencers enjoy the following benefits and privileges:

  • Presented on Promodex and recognized worldwide
  • Exclusive allocation in PROMO token “Private sale”
  • Additional advantages on IDO and campaigns launched on the Promodex platform

The Promodex development team is working on the development of the required platform and stacks as;

  • The native dashboard of the Promodex platform is finished,
  • Beginning of back-end development,
  • The smart contract structure of the platform’s campaign functions is being designed,
  • The first test-net of the platform will be published by March 2022


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