My Hero Academia: Best Heteromorphs, Ranked


With about 80% of My Hero Academia population possessing some sort of superhuman ability, it is natural to categorize these Quirks and their users into subsections (humanity loves its labels!) Not all Quirks are obvious at first glance and critically analyze to understand what ‘they do, while others are quite obvious from the start due to the severity of the individuals’ mutation.

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Heteromorphic Quirks drastically alter the user’s genetic structure, leaving them with a less-than-human appearance and more physically obvious abilities (although certain Emitter and Transform Quirks can also cause this.) Unfortunately, these mutations Severe physicals often cause the heroes to become affected. shunned and ostracized from society (or, in extreme cases, beaten to a pulp for being different.) It seems villains aren’t the only ones who have faced severe discrimination in their past, as many many heteromorphic heroes also have tragedies sprinkled in their lives. stories in my hero academia.


8/8 killer instinct

My Hero Academia Best Orca Heteromorph Gang

Kugo Sakamata goes out of his way to give the students a hard time during the Provisional Hero License Exam by brutally preparing them for the worst-case scenarios expected of their jobs. His killer whale inspired orcinus grants Pro-Hero #11 the powers of these awesome sea creatures, without the restriction of underwater antics (although Gang Orca skills are more effective in its “natural” environment.)

Mimicking killer whale hunting technique, Kugo can fire a highly focused hypersonic pulse at his enemy, which can induce paralysis on contact. Gang Orca’s durability is incredibly admirable, as he manages to withstand Todoroki’s intense fire-based attacks for quite some time (although flames are his ultimate weakness.)

7/8 The Tree-Hugger

My Hero Academia - PNG of Kamui Woods on top of image of Kamui using Arbor Quirk

While it’s unknown what Shinji Nishiya’s face looks like behind this mask, all wood-based elements of his appearance are not part of the costume, but rather his plant-based mutation. With a (supposedly) leafy bush growing out of his head and extendable bark-encrusted appendages that can be manipulated at will (Groot style), Kamui Woods prefers to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, leaving Mount Lady to undermine everything. pay attention.

Pro Hero No. 7 received a good amount of screen time overall and proved invaluable within a team as his Arbor the attack is excellent for neutralizing the enemy. His tree-like growths also greatly aid Kamui Wood’s mobility, and he can also create a nifty wooden cage called a Lacquered Chain Prison that’s large enough to hold multiple enemies at once.

6/8 think pink

My Hero Academia Best Heteromorphs Mina Ashido aka Pinky

Arguably the cutest heteromorph is the lovely pink-faced A-class beauty, Miss Mina Ashido. Viewers can’t help but admire her upbeat and passionate personality, bold fashion sense, and caustic Quirk, making her one of the most popular supporting characters in my hero academia (As well as a recurring contender for the “Best Girl” title.)

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Pinky can shoot a gooey acidic substance out of thin air, with the ability to control how corrosive or gelatinous the liquid is. Mina can handle Acid at her will, spraying an overwhelming shower or precise jet of fluid, which she can also use skillfully to skate across surfaces (if emitted from her feet.)

5/8 “To see you better with”

My Hero Academia Best Mezo Shoji Heteromorphs

Mezo Shoji doesn’t often get the chance to shine, but when he does, it’s quite a memorable experience. This Tentacle Hero can create multiple limbs that can have different body parts (with their own enhanced abilities) attached to their ends. The webbing also grows between each end, which can grant it the power to fly (although the “wings” are more for gliding than floating). Alternatively, the excess skin can form a protective pod in which allies can hide.

Due to the scars on Shoji’s face from traumatic abuse suffered as a child, the young hero prefers to keep his features covered and instead speaks with his augmented appendages. Theoretically, Shoji should have no limits on the number of limbs he can produce, however, it would take an immense toll on his body (and mind) to individually control more than twenty (which is the personal ability of Shoji). Dupli Arms record, so far.)

4/8 king of the concrete jungle

The frontline of Team Edgeshot’s infantry in the Paranormal Liberation War is none other than Ken Ishiyama, better known as Cementoss. while his Quirk may seem arbitrarily specific, cement manipulation comes in handy in the Japanese cityscape, providing the Pro Hero with enough toys to keep him entertained.

Even the esteemed Recovery Girl recommends Cement to be one of the most difficult Quirks to counter, as Ken can create any shape he can think of, with a seemingly non-existent time limit on his modifications. From militant fortifications to swelling concrete-based tsunamis, Cementoss certainly dominates most battlefields (but wouldn’t have been much use in the forest training arc.)

3/8 Mr. Smarty Pants

main nose

Few could outsmart this beastly leader who, for some reason, is very secretive about what type of creature he may be (mouse, dog, bear, or fat being the most popular estimates.) Superhumanly intelligent, Principal Nezu has the ability to take over the world, but luckily, he’s quite content to nurture the young minds of UA High School.

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Principal Nezu’s IQ is literally off the charts thanks to High specification and his mouselike appearance doesn’t indicate how effective he is on the battlefield (his students are well aware of how ruthless he can be when needed!) Nezu is often responsible for strategizing , especially when it comes to hero safety, and he likes to ride on the shoulders of his subordinates whenever possible.

2/8 “Hello Darkness, Old Friend”

My Hero Academia Fumikage Tokoyami anime dark shadow

With the head of a crow and a Shadow as dark as coal, Fumikage Tokoyami’s iconic look is one of the coolest things about him, along with his extraordinary powers, honorable features and Black Knight will have. The ominous appearance of this deadly duo usually gives them the upper hand, as Fumikage’s villainous aura is intimidating enough on its own. Basically, he’s actually a fat old wimp while Dark shadow can be quite loose at times (not that the enemy needs to know!)

Dark Shadow, who is technically an Emitter Quirk, is a sentient creature of the night with overwhelming strength and can grow to colossal size (as long as bright lights are kept away.) Although the pair are permanently connected, Dark Shadow can stretch to cover quite a considerable distance, and with help from Hawks, Fumikage eventually discovers the power of flight as well, completing his bird-inspired look enough.

1/8 release the dragon

My Hero Academia Best Heteromorphs Ryukyu No 10 Pro Hero

Like one of the gargantuan daughters of my hero academia, Ryuko Tatsuma, aka Ryukyu, is one of the strongest female forces in the Pro-Hero lineup (along with Mirko) and is the unofficial representative of girl power thanks to her respectable status and accomplished hero agency. The wings and claws that adorn Ryuko’s head in her human form are simply part of her costume; the heteromorphic traits of his Transforming Quirk only come into effect voluntarily (unlike most other mutations).

Ryukyu can transform into a formidable western style Dragon with a proper ferocious jaw, claws and a sturdy pair of wings to boot. Her rock-hard skin is nigh impenetrable, she possesses enough strength to airlift multiple passengers at once, and is the perfect fighter against super-powered Nomu (even managing to give the omnipotent Awakened Shigaraki a hard time.)

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