Incredible video shows humpback whale landing on boat off Plymouth



“I think it took everyone by surprise.”

A father and son captured video of a whale landing on a boat off Manomet Point in Plymouth on Sunday.

Justin Enggasser, 46, and his son Leo, 15, watched as a humpback whale rose from the surface of the water, landing directly on the bow of a 19ft vessel.

The whale then slipped off the boat and returned to the water without any signs of injury, according to a statement from the Plymouth Harbor Master.

“I think it took everyone by surprise,” said Enggasser. The Boston Globeexplaining that his son was able to capture the breach of the whale as it fed on fish.

Although no injuries, human or whale, were reported, Enggasser told the World that the damage to the bow of the boat was visible.

  • Humpback whale breaches and lands on boat off Plymouth

Following the incident, Massachusetts Environmental Police released a statement on behalf of several marine organizations on Sunday advising boaters “to exercise extreme caution near Plymouth, Mass., where a group of three juvenile humpback whales have been feeding for at least a week.”

“These young whales have a physically active feeding behavior that is very unpredictable when feeding in a shallow area of ​​menhaden (or ‘pogies’), a rich and very abundant forage fish that also attracts striped bass. This creates a safety hazard for whales and humans,” they continued.

In a Facebook post, the Center for Coastal Studies advised boaters to “maintain distances of 100 feet or more to keep whales and humans safe.” They said they would work with non-profit Plymouth Whale and Dolphin Conservation to identify the whale involved in the collision to “monitor any potential impact”.


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