Idaho News Media takes care of your kids’ “prep” for drag shows


Do you know the meaning of a straw man argument? This is where someone builds a claim from scratch to lead you to the desired conclusion. Bryan Clark is a columnist for the Idaho Statesman and he fears that public drag queen shows may be banned. The president of the Idaho Family Policy Center is a man named Blaine Conzatti. He would like public displays to be banned. Conzatti says he has a sponsor to introduce the legislation to the state legislature as the next session begins in January.

Conzatti, a good-natured boy, agreed to speak with Clark. The organization headed by Conzatti is Christian. I’ll give you three guesses about how this resonates with liberal media types and the first two don’t count.

Christian lobbyists are not seeking to ban drag shows that take place in public places. It probably wouldn’t pass constitutional scrutiny. On the other hand, displays in public parks would end.

I suspect a majority of Idahoans support Conzatti, so Clark needs another level of offense. He asserts that if we become a Christian government, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be oppressed. Because some Protestants don’t consider LDS to be Christians. I read Clark’s column, which somehow wasn’t behind a paywall. I noticed he didn’t speak with anyone from the Mormon Church. Is it because he finds they oppose public drag shows?

Muslims are also not confused with Christians, but I recently read a story about how they are working with conservative Christians on the same moral issues here in Idaho. The story did not have wide coverage. Go figure!

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