Iceland to acquire world’s first deep-sea beluga sanctuary


Iceland will soon open a high seas beluga sanctuary, which will be the first in the world. The deep sea beluga sanctuary is expected to attract a large number of tourists to Iceland. The shrine is located on Heimaey Island, which is part of the Westman Islands. According to reports, it will be in Klettsvik Bay.

Two 12-year-old female beluga whales, named Little White and Little Gray, are reportedly brought to the open waters of the Westman Islands in Iceland by Sea Life Trust, a conservation charity. This project lasted six years and conservationists have now developed a safe way to transport the whales in June. The two whales will travel by land and air, to reach their new home in Iceland.

Iceland to acquire world's first deep-sea beluga sanctuary

The first marine project in the world where two beluga whales are going to be in an open water sanctuary, and according to the authorities, the main priority of this project is to see that the whales are healthy and healthy.

A puffin hospital will also be included here! This place will be home to beautiful little puffin chicks, and they will be watched and wanted. There would also be a visitor center, which customers can enter after paying a fee. An ideal place to learn and understand everything about whales. Visitors would also be allowed to tour the bay in small lots using boats.


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