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August 30, 2022 is International Whale Shark Day, and in honor of this special day, we want to share five interesting facts about these fascinating creatures. First of all, the largest recorded whale shark was 16.5 feet long and 2.5 meters wide! Second, whale sharks are inhabitants of tropical oceans that feed on fish, squid, and other small creatures. Third, they are ovoviviparous – meaning they give birth to live young rather than lay eggs – and can reach sexual maturity around 10 years of age. Fourth, whale sharks are listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to their low population size and low reproductive rate. Finally, whale sharks are protected by law in many countries including the United States, Australia and Brazil!

What is International Whale Shark Day?

International Whale Shark Day is a day to educate people about the importance of whale sharks and their conservation. On this day people can learn about the amazing creatures and work to protect them.

Whale sharks are among the longest-lived animals on Earth. They can live to be 70 years old and grow to a height of over 12 feet. They are also one of the most endangered species, with only around 400 individuals remaining in the world.

The main reasons why whale sharks are endangered are due to fishing and meat consumption. Whale sharks are particularly targeted by fishermen because they are valuable prey. This hunting has caused their population size to decrease over the years.

Luckily, there’s something everyone can do to help conserve these gentle giants: education. By learning about whale sharks and their importance, we can help protect them for future generations.

What to expect on International Whale Shark Day

International Whale Shark Day is a day to celebrate the incredible creatures that live in the ocean. This day is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of conservation.

There are a few things you can expect on International Whale Shark Day. The first is that you are likely to see more whales and sharks in the water. Indeed, these creatures are often shy and difficult to see, so they are more visible during this event.

You may also see unusual behaviors of these animals. For example, you might see dolphins swimming with whale sharks or even people swimming with whales! This reminds us that these creatures aren’t all dangerous – they can also be fun to watch!

International Whale Shark Day is a great way to learn more about these amazing creatures and help protect them for future generations.

How to Celebrate International Whale Shark Day

To celebrate International Whale Shark Day, there are several ways to get involved. You can observe whale sharks in their natural habitat or participate in whale shark conservation projects.

You can also learn about whale sharks and their importance to the environment. Whale sharks are one of the most endangered species on Earth, and you can help protect them by celebrating International Whale Shark Day.


August 30, 2022 marks International Whale Shark Day and we here at The Shark Tank want to celebrate! This year’s theme is “The Future of Sharks: Guardians of Our Seas”. We hope that on this day you will consider our ocean friends – whale sharks – and their importance in the marine ecosystem. These graceful creatures are among the largest animals in the sea and play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems by eating large prey such as dolphins and elephant seals. Be sure to check out our website for more. about whale sharks and how to support their conservation.


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