Heartbreaking video shows dog devastated after sea lion friend killed by whale


A dog was broken after a whale killed its sea lion friend.

A video posted on Instagram by the dog’s owner, Lindsay Greenbergshows the dog howling as his late friend washes up on the shores of a Malibu beach.

Ahhhhh, my heart can’t take this. Deep breathing.

The video is captioned “Ruff day for us here at the beach” and features a heartfelt montage of the couple’s unlikely friendship.

The video shows how chocolate Labrador, named Slim Shady, was initially hesitant to approach the sea lion. However, the duo soon developed a friendship, with the seal frequently visiting Slim at the beach.

At one particular moment in the touching sequence, Slim sits by his window barking as the seal hobbles on the sand to say hello to his pal.

But Lindsay’s video shows that one day the sea lion died and washed up on the shore of a beach.

Many viewers took to social media to express their grief for the pup while marveling at the beautiful friendship.

One person wrote: “They are directly related to dogs, when I was young I worked at sea ​​world in San Diego. Incredible animals!”

Another person commented: “Poor Slim and sea lion. Always in our hearts friend.

A third said: “It breaks my heart. I’m so sorry for you and your puppy. And of course for this adorable Seal who made so many people smile. May they rest in peace.”

Greenberg revealed to Newsweek that Slim started barking so frantically it felt like a “scream” when he found out his late friend was dead.

While reminiscing about their company, Greenberg said: “The sea lion has visited almost every day since their first meeting and greeting!! He would come alone and stick his head out of the sea in search of my dog.

She also shared that the ocean friend always stops by for a visit and often performs tricks for Slim.

She said: “If we were outside they would stare at each other for a while, sometimes the sea lion would play tricks and tricks on us!”

“On one occasion he brought a friend and it looked like he was introducing him!

“They appeared one by one like hitting a mole and didn’t take their attention away from Slim for a second.”

Name a more iconic duo…I’ll wait.


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