Hard West 2 Cla’Lish: Best Maps, Gear, and Tips


Hard West 2 is the latest turn-based tactical shooter developed by Ice Code Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. You control a party filled with dead outlaws, menacing witches, and ruthless hunters. Today we are going to discuss all Cla’Lish skills and cheats in Hard West 2.

Much like the premise of Cup Head, with a bad deal with the devil, your party loses its soul, which marks the start of its journey. Your group is led by Gin Carter, who is a dubious crook with exceptional marksmanship skills.

While Laughing Deer will be there for you from the start, you’ll meet other very intriguing characters, including grumpy outlaw Old Man Bill, Native American sniper Cla’Lish, and the enigmatic witch Flynn. road course.

Hard West 2 takes a lot of inspiration from genre pioneers like XCOM and brings its own unique twist to it. While you’re not on a mission, you can explore the supernatural lands of Hard West 2 and indulge in banter between your fellow gang members to strengthen your bond with them.

Who is Cla’Lish in Hard West 2

Official promotional image for Cla’Lish

As evidenced by her appearance, Cla’Lish is a huntress who hails from the whaler tribes of the northwest. After surviving a massacre as a teenager, Cla’Lish is given a mysterious power, which she strives to keep under her control.

Cla’Lish is proficient in archery, making her ideal for ranged battles, and her overall appearance is reminiscent of Native American hunters, giving her a menacing aura.

Cla’Lish can be recruited into your party during the first chapter of Hard West 2. You can find Cla’Lish at Zeke’s Trading Post, where she will ask you to save the leader of her tribe from enemies. After returning this favor to her, she will become a faithful companion who will help you in all your future battles.

All card skills for Cla’Lish

A display of Cla’Lish’s skill window.

Hard West 2 features a rather unorthodox method of leveling up and unlocking skills, which is just as unique as the game’s supernatural Western setting. As you play the game, you’ll get cards as rewards for completing missions.

With these cards, you will be able to create various handy poker character menu screens. The better poker hand you have, the better skill you will unlock. The ranking of these skills works the same way as for poker hand combinations.

Establishing hands like “Pair” and “Two Pair” would allow you to equip the most basic skills for your characters. Likewise, using your cards to create “Royal Flush” and “Five of a Kind” will allow you to equip your characters with the best skills you can unlock for that character.

This was a basic overview of how to unlock skills for your characters in Hard West 2. Now, without further ado, let’s discuss all the skills you can unlock for Cla’Lish in Hard West 2.


  • Requirement: Default
  • Rifleman gives you a +1 damage bonus when using rifles.

Ride a horse

  • Requirement: Default
  • Horseback riding gives you a movement bonus when riding around the battlefield. Additionally, it also increases your resistance to effects such as burns and paralysis. Your chance of being hit by enemies is also reduced by 25%.


  • Requirement: Loyalty – Ally
  • The fireproof skill makes you highly resistant to burns.

Destiny predicted

  • Requirement: Loyalty – Friend
  • “Fate Foretold” gives you a +1 increase in weapon damage when you have 100 luck on your turn.

Sharp eye

  • Requirement: Pair
  • For a character who is primarily good at ranged combat, Eagle Eye is a great addition. This skill allows him to reveal the “fog of war” at a longer distance.

Deceitful Spirit I

Requirement: two pairs

  • Deceptive Spirit is Cla’Lish’s special ability in Hard West 2. The massacre she saw in her teenage years allowed her to converse with the spirits of the dead. Cla’Lish can call upon the spirits of vengeful warriors, who can fill her foes with dread and terror.
  • During battles, summoned spirits will distract your enemies for one round.

killer instinct

  • Requirement: A set
  • “Killer Instinct” increases your target chance by 10% while in Bravado status.


  • Requirement: Right
  • With this skill unlocked, your damage with melee weapons is increased by +1.

Hold one’s breath

  • Requirement: Flush
  • “Holding Breath” will give you a +1 target damage multiplier if you are half covered at the start of your turn.

Deceitful Spirit II

  • Requirement: Full house
  • An improved version of Cla’Lish’s special ability. Spirits awakened through the use of Deceptive Spirit II will also be able to move and attack. This effect will last for two turns.

injured lynx

  • Requirement: Square
  • “Wounded Lynx” will give you a +5 speed/movement boost if your health is below 75% at the start of your turn.


  • Requirement: straight flush
  • Another great skill you should unlock for Cla’Lish is boosting her ranged attack abilities. Sharpshooter increases your target chance by 5% when using guns.

Deceitful Spirit III

Special ability
Cla’Lish using the final version of her special ability.
  • Requirement: Royal flush
  • The final form of Deceptive Spirit. When using Deceptive Spirit III, summoned spirits paralyze any enemy they hit.


  • Requirement: five of a kind
  • “Watchful” grants you duelist status at the start of your turn.

Weapon gear for Cla’Lish

Our recommended weapon for Cla’Lish is a rifle. For someone who is good at ranged combat and can shoot enemies from afar, this should be your primary weapon of choice. Additionally, most of her perks give her a damage boost when using guns or when fighting from a safe distance, so Cla’Lish should be used a lot to take down opponents from a distance.

Other than that, you can also equip it with a melee weapon, as there’s no telling when you’ll be vulnerable to enemies at close range. So having a melee weapon with you during these times can save you a lot of trouble.

Tips for Cla’Lish in Hard West 2

Hiding behind the blanket
Cla’Lish hiding behind a blanket during the “Last Train to Utah” mission.

To prepare Cla’Lish for all the first encounters you’ll face, the first thing you should focus on is her special ability, “Deceptive Spirit”. Complete missions to get cards and get yourself a “two pair” poker hand to unlock Deceptive Spirit.

Continue the same streak for its upgrades, such as Deceptive Spirit II and III, which can be unlocked by having a “Full House” and “Royal Flush” poker hand. Spades and Diamonds are our recommended card combinations for Cla’Lish as they give her a decent boost and her target stat.

Overall, his special ability isn’t as devastating and deadly as his gang mates, but it’s still not completely useless. Deceptive Spirit III allows you to paralyze your opponents and its cooldown only lasts two turns.

In other words, this skill will be available to you most of the time, and disabled opponents won’t be able to do much. This will greatly increase your chances of success.

This concludes our guide for Cla’Lish in Hard West 2. Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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