Fox photographers are seriously mistaken about the natural order


Reading yesterday’s Fox Photographer Controversy thread which was reposted here from another FB forum; I was disturbed to learn that some photo-disrupted foxes believe their cheering and shouting at eagles chasing kit foxes prevented a single capture of last year’s entire grassland brood. This is yet another example of the backward mindset of those trying to justify the disruption of the South Beach Plain ecosystem (via flooding).

Ginger, our resident of the backyard… Gigi to us, morning stone warming. Photo by Kyle Kittoe

I have watched eagles hunt and take kits at the south end for years and can assure you it is still a daily occurrence. We must honor the fact that in every place of life on this planet, as part of the natural order of things, there is what is called the “food chain”. This food chain is not only natural, but essential to the balance of energy and nutrient flow that sustains all life in the ecosystem.

So… at the southern end of SJI, like everywhere else on Earth, there is a hierarchy that allows apex predators like the killer whale or bald eagle to participate. In this example, the bald eagle can take on a kit fox. The Eagle does not then try to sell the fox for profit to a periodical for publication. The Eagle also does not post an image of the kit on social media to improve its status as an influencer. No, the Eagle consumes the kit or provides it as food for its own offspring, thus perpetuating the natural order of things.

To those of you who believe in protecting the natural order of life on our prairie by clapping to warn the vixen of the approaching predator; I say you are gravely mistaken. In fact, if you are so ubiquitous in this vixen space to be able to fully protect her offspring as you claim; how then do you not also disturb his own efforts to prey upon the rabbit, mouse, and vole? Applaud not for the vixen, but for whoever or whatever grants these animals the space and time they need to live with as little human imposition as possible.

Kyle Kittoe


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