First whale sanctuary in North America opens in 2023

A new whale sanctuary arrives in North America. In Nova Scotia, the Whale Sanctuary Project recently celebrated the opening day of the operations center for the not-for-profit organization’s next whale sanctuary, which will be the first of its kind in North America.

The sanctuary is planned at Port Hilford Bay in Nova Scotia and will include 110 acres of whale habitat. This amount of space will be ideal for about eight whales. The organization wanted to find a place that would offer a lot of interesting and rewarding environments for whales and other wildlife.

An overview of the whale sanctuary planned for Port Hilford Bay in Nova Scotia. Whale Sanctuary Project / YouTube

“The 110 acres that will be the home of the whales must be in an environment that is interesting, varied and rewarding, safe and healthy both for them and for all other living creatures that inhabit the bay,” said the Whale Sanctuary Project in a statement. previous press release. “For example, it should be deep in some places and shallow in others; with a sandy seabed in some parts and a variable seabed in others – rich in plant and animal life and basically a place that whales can really call their home. “

The planned sanctuary will be located about a 20-minute drive from the recently opened operations center, which also serves as a welcome center for visitors.

“Visitors will be able to watch interactive video screens to learn more about the shrine,” the association said. “They can learn more about whales in general, whales in captivity and how their lives will be changed when they are removed to the natural environment of a sanctuary.”

The Whale Sanctuary Project has worked closely with locals, including the Mi’kmaq Nation, those who live in nearby communities, local fishermen, and the government to create this conservation space for whales.

Plans for a sanctuary came after Canada passed the Ending Whale and Dolphin Captivity Act, which prevents whales and dolphins from being held in captivity, especially for entertainment. Currently, more than 220 beluga whales and 53 killer whales are held in captivity around the world. These animals are very intelligent social creatures who do not do well in the small, confined spaces they are assigned to in aquariums and marine parks. Whales in captivity may become more aggressive or become more susceptible to disease and a higher risk of premature death.

The sanctuary will provide a safe and spacious habitat for whales rescued from captivity. The organization is seeking to raise $ 20 million for the shrine, which it hopes to open in 2023.

Whales Without Walls – Reissue of the original, including views of the actual sanctuary site.


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