Every Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaur, Ranked


In “Jurassic World Dominion”, the Mosasaurus is just trying to live. There is no moral justification for snatching fish on an arctic fishing expedition in the film’s opening scene. It’s a question of survival. Hey, if a few humans die in the process, the Mosasaurus can still eat.

It is, inexplicably, a less harsh incarnation of the Mosasaurus, which was last seen performing one of the most unnecessary and cruel deaths in modern blockbuster history. In that sense, his “Dominion” appearance is an improvement. Cinematically, it also falls flat. Mosasaurus is the first ancient creature audiences see in “Dominion” and its revelation should inspire fear or awe; at the very least, it should inspire Something. This is not the case. Attack on the Fishing Expedition confirms that Colin Trevorrow’s film is oddly low-stakes and not great at building up the tension.

Plus, the fact that Mosasaurus is alive and well raises a ton of questions that the movie doesn’t bother to answer. How did Mosasurus get to the Arctic from Jurassic World? It was not transported to the United States, was it? What if you headed into waters occupied by a creature that makes large whales look like chihuahuas, wouldn’t you take weapons heavier than harpoon guns? These are silly questions, but “Dominion” takes its silly world-building very seriously (the Mosasurus sequence is followed by a “Now This” explainer video – yes, really). So because it’s a hard appearance to write off, appreciate, or appreciate cinematically, Mosasurus ranks near the bottom of this list.


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