DFO marine mammal researcher shares audio of sperm whale echolocation


(DFO whale researcher, Dr. Jack Lawson.)

DFO marine mammal researcher Dr. Jack Lawson has been busy this season tracking a pod of elusive sperm whales in the Bonavista Bay area.

Lawson recently shared an incredible sound of sperm whales using echolocation to hunt for food deep in a sea canyon north of Eastport in late July.

Sound was collected by dropping a hydrophone over the side of the research vessel. He captured the whales swimming 450 meters below the surface.

Sperm whales are famous for their deep dives and usually feed on squid, octopus, rays and sharks.

Lawson says that every day they passed through the area, they saw the same whales, identified by the scars on their bodies.

Some of the animals were tagged by satellite and showed the whales remained in the area feeding for weeks. Lawson shared an image of a whale’s movements over the course of a single week showing the animal moving through the water just off Salvage on the Eastport Peninsula.


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