Blue Water Summit, on the occasion of UN – World Oceans Day, June 8, 2022 Announcement of speakers and 2022 program


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3rd Annual Blue Water Summit, on UN World Oceans Day, June 8, 2022 Announcement of 2022 Speakers and Program

“The timeliness of the Blue Water Summit is unprecedented with the uncertainty of the oceans and the changing climate,” says Founder, Greg Reitman.

—Greg Reitman

ADELAIDE, BROOKLYN PARK, AUSTRALIA, June 1, 2022/ — The Blue Water Summit (BWS) 2022 presented by the Blue Water Institute announces its speakers and lineup for its third edition which will take place on June 8, 2022, at the occasion of the UN – World Oceans Day, although the first in Australia.

Inspired by the great Southern Ocean, the natural beauty of Kangaroo Island and a constant attention to the environment, the Blue Water Institute chose Adelaide for its operations in Australia. The Blue Water Summit 2022 will be the first of many events in South Australia, to support providing a voice to the oceans.
We are in the second year of the United Nations Decade for the Oceans and there is still a need to raise public awareness to meet the current challenges of our oceans. Sea Shepard’s Captain Paul Watson reminds us that “If the oceans die, we all die”

The Summit is an exchange of ideas between leading ocean advocates, explorers, artists and sustainability practitioners focusing on four (4) global themes – the discovery and rediscovery of the Antarctic region; the transition from Hunting to Gathering (for the Oceans); improve our knowledge of the oceans; and learned stories from our First Nations brothers. “The timeliness of the Blue Water Summit is unprecedented with ocean uncertainty and climate change,” says founder Greg Reitman.

The one-day summit features 17 panelists including Tim Jarvis, Adventures, and Mike Libecki, National Geographic Explorer, both recently returned from Antarctica with Lynda Goldsworthy, on Antarctic conservation policy; filmmakers Matthew Blyth, director, and Dan Monceaux; marine researchers and ecologists Rob Lewis, Dr Pia Winberg, Dr Prue Francis and Professor Gretta Pecl; environmentalists Alan Noble, Jilly Middleton and Tony Bartram; artist Jane Bamford and publisher Peter Maddern; Derek Walker, Ngarrindjeri leader and Mickey O’Brien, indigenous cultural adviser; and Dr Kate Rodda for the South African government. Cellist Janis Laurs will perform pieces inspired by whale harmonies.

It is truly an impressive group of thought leaders and activists celebrating United Nations World Oceans Day. And anyone can participate for a little or a lot by signing up at and receiving 6 weeks of streaming content access. The Blue Water Summit is being held at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron Marina on June 8, 2022.
About the Blue Water Summit: Founded in 2020, the Blue Water Summit is designed to encourage our global family to think broadly about the current dramatic effects of climate change – and specifically the fact that 71% of our planet Earth is water. . She is our Blue Pearl and we need to think more deeply about universal concerns and the actions needed to bring ourselves into balance.

About the Blue Water Institute: The Blue Water Institute is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation of the planet and the need to nurture the next generation of environmental filmmakers. The Institute is driven by its environmental programs that discover, innovate and support the next generation of environmental filmmakers around the world.

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