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Black Lightning is considered one of the best superhero TV shows on The CWIt was created in January 2018. The show focuses on a character of the same name, it was directed by Trevor Von Eeden and Tony Isabelle for DC Comics. Black Lightning Season 2 aired in October 2018, Season 3 in October 2019, and the fourth season was released in February last year. The series is created by Salim Akil and rests on a Black superhero called Jefferson Pierce who happens to be a vigilante and can harness lightning, each season has thirteen to sixteen episodes. The protagonist tries to fix the crime.

Black Lightning is one of the most viewed series on The CW, it went well with those who love supernatural fiction. Although, IMDB just gave it 6.1 scores out of 10. The main question to be answered is whether the show will be renewed after season 4. The update is heartbreaking as The CW announced in November 2020 that Black Lightning will not continue, there is no there won’t be a fifth season. Therefore, the fourth season should be considered the finale. It is said that the drop in viewership and viewership led to this decision.

In the last season, the character of Jefferson Pierce fights Tobias Whale, the protagonist finds himself trapped in a coffin but manages to get out thanks to his superpowers. As Pierce escapes from the coffin, he finds Tobias and kills him. Tobias is stabbed in the chest and pushed out a window and electrocuted. At the climax, Jefferson’s character decides to retire and give up his superhero status. He tells his daughters and Grace Choi to be superheroes. Likewise, Gambi also gives up on being a superhero. In the end, Lala is released from prison and discovers Tobias’ body..

Actor Watercress Williams played Jefferson Pierce also known as Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams depicts Thunder, ChinaAnne McClain portrays the character of Flash and Krondon played Tobias Whale.


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