Best Brendan Fraser Movies & Shows After The Mummy Franchise


Beloved actor Brendan Fraser got a slight lull in his highly decorated movie career when The Mummy the franchise was coming to an end; this could be attributed to a variety of reasons, but Fraser himself said he became reclusive and depressed after an unwanted sexual encounter in which he was assaulted. Thankfully, the beloved man has once again taken Hollywood by storm with a host of remarkable and compelling performances in praised TV shows and movies.

Fraser’s heartwarming comeback has been well-documented by fans of the charming star (and turned into a viral TikTok obsession), with many calling his resurgence in popularity “Brenaissance.” Having already captured the hearts of audiences around the world as swashbuckling Rick O’Connell in The Mummy trilogy as well as memorable appearances in George of the Jungle, Encino Man, Crash, and Journey to the Center of the Earth, the movie star has again emerged as an immensely popular star.

Over the past few years, Fraser has continued to star in diverse and intriguing programs and films. The actor worked with the revered Steven Soderbergh in the crime thriller No sudden movement, portrays a cyborg superhero in Doom Patrol and worked alongside Donald Sutherland in the FX miniseries Trust. Fraser fans were outraged when the next DC movie bat girlwas scrapped, in which he was to play the villainous Firefly. Despite controversial cancellation, Fraser lovers can surprise the performer of Darren Aronofsky’s highly anticipated drama The whale, in which he is unrecognizable as the reclusive 600-pound titular leader. Let’s take a look at some of Fraser’s most notable roles since The Mummy.


9 The Rise of Texas

With an impressive ensemble cast including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bill Paxton and Brendan Fraser, the 2015 historical western miniseries The Rise of Texas chronicles the design of the Texas Rangers in the aftermath of the Battle of the Alamo, centering on General Sam Houston and the Texas Army as they confront Santa Anna and her forces. In the gripping program, Fraser portrays Texas Ranger Billy Anderson, who along with his ilk fought valiantly to establish the Republic of Texas in epic battles like the Goliad Massacre and the Battle of San Jacinto. Despite The Rise of Texas garnering a mixed response due to the poetic license taken, the cast’s towering performances and thrilling visuals were well received by critics.

8 A case of you

Kat Coiro directed the 2013 romantic comedy A case of you, which follows young New York writer Sam (Justin Long) as he attempts to woo handsome street artist Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood), sprucing up her social media profile and creating an online alter ego that mirrors all his interests. In the charming image, Brendan Fraser appears as the outgoing Tony, a fellow musician and friend of Birdie who makes Sam feel uncomfortable about his relationship with the eccentric entertainer. A case of you had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, with Reel Film Reviews calling it a “winning romantic comedy” with a dazzling finish that “ultimately confirms its place as an erratic but satisfying work”.

seven Trust

The Critically Acclaimed 2018 FX Drama Miniseries Trust depicts the ups and downs of the Gettys, one of the wealthiest and most important families in 20th century America who, in 1973, faced unimaginable trauma when their youngest member was kidnapped by the mob Italian and held for ransom. Donald Sutherland is phenomenal as esteemed oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, a shrewd businessman who was once the richest man in the world and who initially refused to pay the $17 million ransom for his boyfriend. -son captured.

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Brendan Fraser’s fan-favorite character is incredible, playing against type as Getty family fixer James Fletcher Chance, with his critically acclaimed comeback performance marking the start of the ‘Brenaissance’; The Observer said he played Chance “gloriously, all the wrath of the good Old Testament wrapped up in the immense bonhomie of the south. It’s like watching a group of boys suddenly go into exile, all grown up, strong and singing like Sinatra.

6 Condor

Based on the famous novel by James Grady Six Days of the Condor and the subsequent 1975 film adaptation, the thriller television series Condor stars Max Irons as sharp and idealistic CIA analyst Joe Turner, who inadvertently finds himself at the center of a murderous plot that kills all of his fellow agents in his research and development office. Turner finds himself on the run with little experience in the field as he tries to evade violent hitmen and solve the puzzling murders before his time is up. Brendan Fraser joined the thrilling series for its first season, portraying the knowledgeable but unstable Nathan Fowler, an analyst and key intermediary between private military firm White Sands and the CIA who harbors an intense hatred for radical Islam.

5 No sudden movement

The ever-brilliant Steven Soderbergh directed the star-studded 2021 period crime thriller No sudden movement, which centers on a diverse group of criminals in 1954 Detroit as they are enlisted to seemingly steal a simple document by a mysterious figure; When their work goes wrong, petty crooks must scramble to find out who is behind the shoddy job.

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Boasting a talented ensemble cast led by Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbor and Brendan Fraser, the gritty crime caper was created to rave reviews from critics, who praised the drama for its compelling performances, its twists and its sharp scenario. Richard Roeper calledNo sudden movement“Another instantly immersive, layered, beautifully shot chapter in one of the most impressive directorial careers of our time.”

4 Doom Patrol

In the DC Universe superhero television series Doom Patrol, Brendan Fraser appears as Cliff Steele/Robotman, a powerful cyborg and former NASCAR driver who suffers a devastating car accident and whose brain was transplanted into a robotic body when his own was destroyed. The thrilling program follows the titular mismatched and downtrodden heroes as they investigate strange cases and bizarre phenomena, with the misfits being guided and cared for by the brilliant physician Niles Caulder/The Chief. Doom Patrol debuted to high praise from critics and comic book fans alike, with each of its three seasons so far having been lauded for its fidelity to its source material, incredibly fun storylines, and beautiful blend of action and comedy.

Brendan Fraser shared the screen with filmmaker great Harrison Ford for the 2010 medical drama Extraordinary measures, which centers on the efforts of Portland couple John and Aileen Crowley as they dedicate themselves to finding a researcher who can help save their two young children from succumbing to a rare genetic disease. Fraser delivers a powerful performance as John Crowley, who went on to co-found biotech company Amicus Therapeutics after gaining the help and knowledge of glycobiologist and researcher Dr. Robert Stonehill (Ford). While the poignant drama garnered lackluster reviews from critics, Fraser’s portrayal of the determined father was singled out by viewers, with Time Magazine commenting that it “keeps the story grounded in reality”.

2 The case

Showtime’s Golden Globe-winning drama series The case chronicles and explores the extramarital affair between Noah Solloway (Dominic West) and Allison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) and the profound emotional effects their relationship has on their spouses and families. Brendan Fraser joined the dark show for the third season, in which he took on the role of Gunther, a menacing and unhinged security guard in the prison where Salloway is incarcerated. Fraser opened up about his menacing persona to the New York Post, after saying, “Their relationship is jailer and punisher. Gunther is one of the legion of disenchanted, feeling marginalized, so-called white working class men who feel they haven’t been shaken fairly. Everything he wanted to be – handsome, with wife and kids – Noah got it.

1 descent line

Brendan Fraser returned to his action roots when he headlined the 2019 Indian crime thriller descent line, with the actor playing the role of undercover cop Charlie “Charu” Joplin who tries relentlessly to bring down the Sinha Delhi crime family as the clan fights over the direction and future of their operation. Filmed in Mumbai, director Rohit Karn Batra offered kind words about working with Fraser for Bollywood’s gritty image, with the filmmaker saying, “It was fantastic. He had a lot of respect for actors. For example, Neeraj Kabi was in Talvar [based on a real-life murder mystery that premiered at Toronto] and Fraser actually saw this film on the flight to Mumbai.”


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