Benyamin Ahmed shows us that Gen Z is more than ready for Web3


Benyamin Ahmed made history after his Weird Wales NFT collection sold for £290,000 over the school holidays. Behind the media circus, however, is a very smart 13-year-old with a passion for coding, the crypto and NFT space, and the community that helped him succeed.

Benyamin Ahmed speaks with Janelle Borg from NFTevening.

We caught up with Benyamin at NFC Lisbon, who, along with his dad and brother, told us about his incredible story and plans for the future.

This interview was conducted by Janelle Borg of NFTevening. Quotations are condensed and edited for clarity.

Coding as a hobby

“From an early age, my dad would often come home, bring his laptop and start coding. My brother and I would just sneak around to see what he was doing,” Benyamin explained.

“He noticed we were really curious that he was coding, so he set up laptops for us. And we started coding originally as a fun little learning experience. But then we got a lot more serious. We regularly encountered coding challenges, and that led me to the NFT space, because programming is a big part of that space.

However, Benyamin was already aware of all things crypto. He even gave a presentation at school where he explained why Bitcoin will succeed.

“This study in crypto led me to the NFT space. In fact, I got sucked down the rabbit hole. And I wanted to experience what it was like to make an NF T. So I created my first collection called “Minecraft II”, which consisted of 14 Minecraft-inspired characters, and then uploaded them manually on the open sea. Unfortunately, I didn’t sell any.

From Minecraft II to weird whales

Benyamin used this first collection to get a feel for Open Sea and find out what works and what doesn’t in the NFT space. He enjoyed the experience so much that he glanced at an NFT collection of generative art, made up of thousands of NFTs. He scoured Discord and the internet for help, and eventually managed to connect with monkeys who linked him to Vee, who shared an open-source Python script.

For Benyamin, this script turned out to be a game changer. “So you put in your base layers, three layers, and it generates composite images as your NFTs. After that, I moved on to the smart contract, created the website, posted a thread on Twitter, and talked about how I was able to do things at such a young age, and that [Weird Whales] just went viral.

However, virality and media attention failed to phase Benyamin. On the contrary, it simply encouraged him to create his second collection – Non-Fungible Heroes.

“With Non-Fungible Heroes, I didn’t do the artwork, but I worked with Vee and with artists from Disney and Marvel. We also had other great people on the team. And we launched Non-Fungible Heroes to follow up on Weird Whales. Some of the non-fungible heroes also have a little whale on them! he explained.

“It sold out in nine minutes. It was amazing, and we were able to branch out into merchandise, games, and hopefully do a Hollywood TV series.

non-fungible heroes
Hero 2873 from Benyamin Ahmed’s latest collection, Non-Fungible Heroes.

So why is Benyamin Ahmed so fascinated by Web3?

The answer is simple. “With Web2, you normally have a structure where you have the CEO at the top and then people at the bottom who don’t make a lot of decisions across the business. But Web3 reverses that, and everyone has the same rights, everyone can participate and share their opinions.

“Collaboration is important and community is essential in an NFT project. No one is good at everything. I was doing the development, not the art, but there are artists who need developers to collaborate with.

Benyamin has already worked with some of the biggest names in Web3 and entertainment. However, are there other artists he would like to collaborate with?

He mentioned Justin Aversano – the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Art, and the mastermind behind “Twin Flames”; a photographic collection of 100 pairs of twins. Benyamin said what really interested him in Aversano’s project was his personal story. Indeed, the collection was created in honor of the artist’s fraternal twin.

Benyamin Ahmed’s advice for young people who want to get into the NFT space

Benyamin Ahmed has valuable advice: find out. “Most people come to the NFT space just to make money, sell NFTs, then leave and go to the Bahamas with the money they made. You should not focus on money and price speculation, but on education,” he insisted.

“In the future, most of the money will come from space infrastructure and companies. Therefore, investing in your education now is the best way to prepare for the future.

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