A shocking image shows three great white sharks feasting on a whale just days after the first sighting of the year


THREE great white sharks have been pictured feasting on a dead whale – just days after the first sighting of the year.

Predators devoured the humpback whale as they tore it to shreds in the water just off Nantucket, Massachusetts on Wednesday.


Three great whites were photographed feasting on a dead whale off the coast of MassachusettsCredit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app

Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket officials were notified Tuesday that a dead whale had been floating in Madaket Harbor for days, the Boston Herald reported.

Researcher Peter Corkeron, of the Kraus Marine Mammal Conservation Program at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, called a dead whale the “largest assortment” for a shark.

Marine experts have admitted there has been an increase in ‘unusual’ humpback whale deaths over the past six years.

NOAA Fisheries data revealed that 33 humpback whale strandings have been recorded in Massachusetts since 2016.

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New York saw 32, North Carolina 22, while New Jersey saw 16.

Authorities have reported only three humpback whale strandings in Florida over a six-year period.

The sighting comes just days after a great white was spotted off the Massachusetts coast on Memorial Day.

Footage captured the moment the beast bit a seal while swimming near the waters of a Nantucket beach on May 29.

Sharks often tend to hide in water shallower than 15 feet.

Swimmers wading through Cape Cod waters have been urged to stay close to shore so they can be rescued if they encounter a shark.

Three great whites were also spotted off North Carolina in April.

A 990-pound shark named Ulysses was seen on April 6, while a juvenile weighing 700 pounds was spotted on April 10.


The largest shark spotted was a beast named Mahone, which measured 13ft 7in.

And, footage shared online showed a ten-foot-long mako shark flapping as it washed up on the beach in Long Island, New York.

The animal was spotted by a fisherman at Point Lookout, News 12 reported.

The fisherman called the Department of Environmental Conversation for help after realizing the sea creature was struggling.

But, the shark was gone by the time the crews reached the beach.

Images of the animal flapping its tail have gone viral on social media.

One Twitter user said, “Ohh yeah, you sure haven’t seen me in the water this summer. F**k no (sic).”

Another commented: “Yeah that’s no to beaches in New York for me this year.”

A fearful social media user simply posted: “Yikes”.

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There are only two Mako shark species left – the longfin and the shortfin.

Mako sharks can travel at speeds of up to 100 mph to grab their food and can jump up to nine meters out of the water.

A great white was spotted off the coast of Massachusetts on Memorial Day


A great white was spotted off the coast of Massachusetts on Memorial DayCredit: Instagram/@realheatherunruh

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