186 Million XRP Moved by Major Exchanges as Coin Sees 20% Weekly Increase

Youri Molchan

Major Crypto Tracking Bot Reports Large Amount of XRP Moved by Top-Tier Exchanges Amid the Coin’s Rise Over the Week

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  • 186.1 million XRP shoveled by major players
  • Ripple withdraws 1 billion XRP, locks most of it

whale alert The crypto tracking service spread the word about large sums of XRP tokens being moved by major global digital trading platforms and anonymous wallets with holdings from a wallet that belongs to Ripple Labs.

Five transactions were spotted carrying 20 million, 50 million and 80 million XRP chunks. Meanwhile, the price of Ripple-affiliated XRP has shown a 20% increase over the past week.

186.1 million XRP shoveled by major players

The aforementioned crypto tracker detected five transactions each carrying a substantial amount of XRP. The biggest pushed 80 million and 50 million between digital wallets.

The rest of the transfers moved mostly 20 million XRP each. Ripple’s RL18-VN wallet also participated, sending XRP to Ripple’s ODL corridor in the Philippines—Coins.ph.

The exchanges that participated in these XRP transfers are Bitso, Bithumb, and Bittrex.

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Ripple withdraws 1 billion XRP, locks most of it

As reported by U.Today, on March 1, fintech giant Ripple released a huge billion XRP in escrow. This is something it has been doing on a monthly basis since 2017, with the intention of releasing 55 billion XRP, part of which will be put into circulation and the other part will be locked by financial institutions (Ripple customers) on their custodial wallets.

Later, the company locked 800 million XRP in escrow.


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